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Does the thought of standing out on a platform as vast as TikTok seem daunting? Does creating video content seem overwhelming and complicated? You’re not alone.

We understand the challenges of entrepreneurs – the uncertainty of where to begin, the complexity of engaging an audience, and the struggle to be genuine and compelling within seconds.

Video content creation is your secret competitive advantage, so you can be so visible that competition becomes irrelevant, and our Video Impact Accelerator program (VIMPA) is the answer.

It’s a meticulously crafted 3-months journey, guiding you through every step of video creation. From preparing your first script to optimizing your content for maximum impact, we’re here to turn your passion into your profession.

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Marvel Hero

Aron Sōgi, a video strategist, filmmaker, and educator, brings 13+ years of experience in the Hollywood film industry to help entrepreneurs master short-form video marketing.

Inside his Video Impact Accelerator, he turns his cinematic storytelling and complex Hollywood techniques into easy-to-learn tips, proven tools, and valuable resources for entrepreneurs to amplify their video impact and boost their business growth.

His blend of artistic talent, environmental advocacy, and educational insight makes him a unique mentor to improve your video marketing skills and increase your visibility using only your smartphone.

Elevate your video presence with VIMPA

Transform Your TikTok Presence
Become a Short-Form Video Pro!

The Accelerator Program offers benefits tailored to grow your skills, boost your online presence, and amplify your business reach in 90 days.

Unlock 200+ Videos

Access a comprehensive library of training videos covering everything from basic scripting to advanced monetization strategies on TikTok.

Bring Your Vision to Life

Accelerate your success with real-time, personalized guidance and direct feedback from Aron and his expert team.

Access Live Learning

Join three weekly live sessions tailored to different time zones. Each call focuses on a crucial aspect of video creation – scripting, video audit, and Q&A.

Grow Your Business

Develop a strategy that resonates with your unique brand and meets your business goals, ensuring a solid return on investment.

Join Our Community

Connect with a vibrant and supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs who value accountability, celebrations, and shared learning.

Chart Your Video Path

Follow a tailored roadmap designed for your 3-month journey, providing clear, daily steps and guidance to help you stay on track.


"I experienced a growth spurt in December with 100k views and followers growing by the thousands daily! Aron gave me invaluable strategies to maximize that growth wave, and I ended the year at 825K! Are you still here? Join Aron’s program now. I guarantee you will be amazed by the results!"
Iris King
Health Advocate

“With two simple tweaks, I had two of my TikTok videos almost reach 1 MILLION VIEWS!”

Carly Patryluk

"I worked in some of the world's biggest advertising agencies, and none of them will prepare you to make highly engaging TikTok videos. Join Aron's Accelerator program if you want to put the effort and make TikTok work for your business."
Heather LeFevre
CranioSacral Therapist
"As an entrepreneur in the education space, I couldn't create consistent content that makes an impact, gets noticed, builds community, and even goes viral. My "How to Airbnb" videos now stand out for their quality, engaging captions, and content delivery, all learned from Aron. He is a master of his craft, and more importantly, an amazing mentor."
Orit Hairy

Because of Aron, my TikTok went from 31k to 668k in three months.

Baron Ian
"I was new to TikTok and needed guidance to ensure I was on the right path. Not only does Aron tailor the sessions to our needs, but the depth of his knowledge and skills keeps it entertaining! Thanks to you, Aron, I am already at 6,000 followers!"
May Mostafa
Career Mentor

“I grew from 25 to 38,000 followers in just 18 days, and I owe my success to Aron.”

Andre Santos

"I doubled my follower count and produced more than 60 videos since joining Aron's program. If you want to stop postponing your video creation and start loving this process, then Aron’s Accelerator program is the answer. This is a perfect program for busy entrepreneurs ready to grow their authority and visibility online."
Asmâa I. Methqal
Business Leadership Coach
"Aron is a genius in understanding how to get the most out of your smartphone and rock quality filming! I loved working with him, and I continue to learn so many technical aspects of TikTok! He is great at making complex things simple to understand and implement."
Samantha Vlasceanu
TikTok for Business

The highest ROI
for your content creation

VIMPA Accelerator

Pay Once, Access It All Now!

Pay over 3 months, Access It All Now!

$3,600 USD

$1,300 USD / month

VIMPA Accelerator 3-month program is your solution to becoming a TikTok creator. It’s where creativity meets strategy, your ideas find their voice, your content finds its audience, and your business finds revenue opportunities.

What’s included:

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The Choice Is Yours

The Cost of Inaction

Skills Gained When Joining The Program

Turn Your Passion Into Revenue


Our program is ideal for entrepreneurs, creators, small business owners, coaches, consultants, and anyone eager to make a significant impact online by sharing their expertise and knowledge. Whether you want to enhance your brand presence, amplify your mission, grow your audience and authority, or drive sales through engaging content, this program is tailored for you.

Inside the Accelerator Program, you’ll learn everything from the fundamentals of short-form video creation to advanced audience engagement and monetization techniques on TikTok. The curriculum includes ideas generation, scripting, lighting, editing, recording, posting, and strategies to grow your confidence on camera, gain a follower base, and turn views into business opportunities.

We understand entrepreneurs are busy. Our program is designed to be flexible, allowing you to learn at your own pace. The weekly live calls and resources are accessible around your schedule, ensuring you can balance learning with your other commitments.

Yes, you will! Apart from the community chat group and weekly live calls, you’ll have direct message access to Aron as well as a kickoff strategy call. Plus, you will have access to your customized roadmap to get the proper guidance and learning at every step of your journey.

The Video Accelerator Program is perfect even if you’ve never created videos. We’ve designed our program to be easy to understand with a solid support system to keep you accountable. You’ll be guided step-by-step, ensuring you gain confidence and competence in video creation, so you can start creating and publishing highly engaging and converting videos as soon as you join.

That is ok. Our program can still be immensely valuable even if you don’t have a product or service to sell right now. We’ll show you exactly what type of videos you can create and what niche to focus on, so you can build your audience and authority online. This can open up opportunities for collaborations and sponsorships, or even help you be 100% ready when you want to sell a product or service soon.

Our program stands out with its blend of expert knowledge and practical application. You can access over 200 training videos, curated resources, and personalized support. Our coach’s 13+ years in the film industry ensures you leverage videos to grow your authority and business.

Absolutely! Whether you’re just starting or looking to refine your skills, our program is tailored for all levels. We’ll guide you from the basics of TikTok to advanced strategies, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

Not at all! You can start your video creation journey with just a smartphone. Our program teaches you how to maximize the tools you have, emphasizing technique and creativity. As you progress, we’ll guide you on when and how to upgrade your equipment, but it’s not a necessity to start your short-form video creation.

Definitely! Upon completion, you’ll still have access to the video training, the session replays, and some resources as program alumni. With the program and this lifetime access, you will already have a solid foundation to continue the journey on your own. We also offer a membership subscription for ongoing accountability support, direct messaging, access to weekly live calls, and new and updated resources to ensure you thrive in your video creation journey as the landscape evolves with new AI tools and platforms.

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